Show highlights

Business Matching Programme

This program offers buyers and sellers an opportunity to conduct business meetings in a highly professional environment. The pre-fixed meetings ensure higher ROI, time management, and fruitful business associations.

Conference & Workshops

Leather industries are booming in India & presented with new challenges & opportunities each day. This calls for a discussion amongst stakeholders on a professional platform wherein they can network and connect with like-minded individuals. To address this, Leather Asia Expo will include conferences as well as various relevant workshops to cater to the needs of different segments in these industry vertices.

Leather innovation workshop: 

Series of workshops focusing on innovations in manufacturing and designing of leather products by industry experts with a focus on the latest technology.

Leather Tech Summit

Leather technology is a vast segment involving a lot of processes. This summit will cover the important areas to accelerate manufacturing, be it technology, sustainability, automation, and start-up business support

Focus on sustainability

As the process of producing commercial quality leather has evolved over the years, the number of stages and raw materials used has also increased substantially. The process of making Leather requires large quantities of water and also leads to increased environmental pollution due to CO2 emissions and the use of chemicals, especially chromium in tanning. In such a scenario, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue. Stakeholders have to balance economic interests, eco-friendliness as well as consumer welfare. Leather Asia Expo and Shoe Technology Expo will bring focus to this aspect by the showcase of ecologically-sound technologies and methods.

Technological Showcase

The production of leather today has become highly mechanized. India is reaping all the benefits of this program and has become one of the largest exporters of leather products. In tune with the needs of the industry, Leather Asia Expo & Shoe Technology Expo will highlight the latest and most innovative technological solutions and machinery for the benefit of the industry as a whole.