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Business Matching Programme

Facilitating Business Matching Through Reverse Buyer Seller Meet (RBSM). The basic objective for organising the RBSM is to invite potential overseas buyers to India in order to demostrate the capabilities & developments of Indian Leather & Leather Products Industry as a major sourcing destination and facilitate B2B meetings with Indian Exporters for sourcing leather products from India, establishing marketing tie-ups and exploring business collaborations.

  • Dedicated focus on connecting overseas buyers and their desired Indian counterparts.
  • B2B meetings between the Indian exporters and overseas importers.
  • Promote the export of leather and leather products and footwear from India.


Creating A Platform To Get Educated Through Knowledge Sessions & Seminars.

  • In-depth knowledge sessions and seminars on various agendas encompassing relevant cross industry topics.
  • Seasoned industry experts and spokespersons delivering valuable content.
  • Covering technical topics as well as business oriented topics like business models, supply chain management, etc


Facilitating Live Demonstrations of Technology & Design through Workshops

  • Focus on the designing process with colleges and students participating and demonstrating procedures in real time.
  • Focus on R&D best practices.
  • Hides & Skins – Nature, Types, Defects Classification, Grading and Preservation Techniques


Propagate Season Forecasts, Trends & Future Advancements

  • Design and trends prediction by experts.
  • Demonstrations of technology that will be relevant in the near future.
  • Future best practices in production efficiency, quality control, packaging, warehousing, financing, market access, etc.


Drive Sustainability in the Leather Industry

  • Focus on reducing environmental waste during leather production and tanning.
  • Promote cruelty free leather choices like vegan leather.
  • Focus on increasing the durability and longevity of artificial leather.
  • Promote recycled leather.