The comfort of Shoes Weds The glam and glitter
13 Jun 2022

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days in one’s life because it is an occasion to celebrate a new phase of life. According to Indian traditions, the wedding day is about conducting all the rituals that make a wedding complete and tie a forever bond. The priority at the weddings used to be inviting all that invited you and inviting those from whom you expect an invitation.

But now, the season has changed. Indians are learning the importance of the wedding day and are getting more and more personal & intimate with it. The priority is to enjoy your day. Your wedding should be a day that you cherish with memories, preferably not with aching feet and discomfort. It is your special day and your happiness takes precedence over everything else.

This wedding season is all about comfort and fun. The latest wedding trend is all about making the wedding fun, personal and intimate. Now be it wearing a red bridal lehenga or that bright chuda, Indian brides and grooms are escaping all the stereotypes by ditching long heels or juttis and swapping hair buns for fly-away hair.

The love for shoes has grown among people in the last years and has escaped the barriers of gender. The shoe-making industry has brought in several trends and the influencers have done a great job of flaunting the recent and unique trends.

Shoes, be it sports or sneakers, are now socially accepted with every kind of outfit, be it saree or lehenga or formals. Your contentment and comfort should be of utmost priority to you. The comfort of shoes has now met with the glam and glitter of weddings.

This might make you think about how sneakers or shoes can match the tone of a wedding or the wedding outfits. Take absolute no pressure, choose what makes you happy, and style it well with

your outfits. We will help you and shower you with insightful ideas for bringing comfort into your big day.

The bold one always stands out and escapes the barrier of the ordinary. Here are some bold and creative bridal choices of fashionable comfort over traditional.

Matching the color and culture of the Red Wedding, these coordinated sneakers are customized with the theme of the Lehenga, giving an impression of comfort and a perfect outfit for a Great Indian Wedding.

Can’t think of footwear so fancy other than heels? Urgh, it’s time to ditch the heels and choose a sneaker. Redesign your sneakers and pair them up with your wedding outfit.

Pairing up bridal anklets with bridal sneakers is a fashion statement in itself. Create a vibe at your wedding by choosing differently and becoming an inspiration for the upcoming brides.

These perfect wedding sneakers are customized with the tone of the lehenga. Adding lace that matches the lehenga on the top of the shoe pairs up the sneakers to complete the outfit in style and comfort.

Create a cool look on your wedding day with laced up sneakers and colored ribbons matching your outfit or the wedding theme. These sneakers bring elegance with a chill vibe.

One can never go wrong with glitter for the glam of a wedding. Tie up those fancy laces on the glitter shoes to pair with glamorous comfort with matching your outfit.

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