Sew the Leather right With traditional working tools

22 Jun 2022

The ageless Leather Industry has never paused its growth in all these years. The market is currently booming with high-tech innovations time after time. This luxury material woos almost everyone having a taste for glossy or matte finish, fancy products. The obsession with leather has grown among people with time. Leather finds its application in car seats, footballs, handbags, purses, clothes, furniture, etc. which makes leather, the most versatile material and sets it a class apart.

A hand-sewn shoemaking is an art. Excellent Leatherwork is achieved by using high-quality tools and materials. It is always better to use good quality tools to achieve the perfect shine and finish. The tools to be used for traditional Leatherwork depend on the desired end product, but there are a few tools which are used for basic Leatherwork.

Add the following primary five tools to your traditional leatherwork toolkit and recreate the magic of hand-sewn shoes.

Stitching Chisels

This fork-like tool is used to get perfect and classic slanted stitches that is worthy of the true leather swagger. It is used to make stitch holes before the saddle stitch. This tool also serves the purpose of diamond point awl to pierce the leather.

Wing Dividers

This tool is used for marking the edge of the leather project as a guideline to create your stitch marks.

Saddlers Needles

These are strong needles specially crafted for leather hand sewing with perfectly rounded tips.

Fil Au Chinois Linen Thread

Picking out the right thread when creating the saddle stitch can make a huge difference in the outcome of the design. Fil Au Chinois Linen Thread is a strong and durable French linen thread which does not stretch in the manufacturing process because it is made of natural fibres that are twisted together to make the twine.

Stitching Clamp or Pony

The Stitching Clamp tool helps you hold your work together while sewing. The leather is placed between its jaws with one leg swung over the top of the calm. Expert woodworkers make this tool by hand. Stitching Pony is similar to stitching calm; it is more feasible as it is used on a tabletop or a bench.

The luxury of leather isn’t confined to a limited range of products. It is a diversified material that adds a chic sheen that adds an irresistible charm to any outfit or product. Manufacturing leather requires care and attention to detail, which is accomplished by using advanced working tools and technology.

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